hi uh i’m still alive basically

so i got sent to this thing called pacific quest for 67 days it sucks but im okay (was not abused in any way do not worry!!) i have about 2 days to hang out in utah w/fam and no internet (which means, internet when i can sneak it, which is sometimes and not dependable at all) and then i’m going to a boarding school called Vista Treatment Center and yeah that’s all i’m okay i’m sorry i just disappeared

message me your phone numbers and phys. addresses if you want me to be able to contact you !!!!!!!

love rory mwuh



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"Lately the bunny has begun to wonder if hir guilt is productive. Just because the creator was part of a systematically racist and sexist society, does that mean the bunny has no choice but to be a sexist and racist construct?"

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this is the happiest picture ever oh myg odo he is smiling there i s a rainbow he is havingfun in the sun

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had a wierd dream last night that someone on tumblr called me out for referring to my self as “I” they told me that it was “a luddite mistake” those words make no sense together

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gonna open up a FIRE MUSEUM itll be a museum all about fire. different colors of fire and a bunch of burning shit in glass boxes, gods of fire and fox fire and YOURE FIRED and hot firemen who are also on fire and they cant even put them selves out, every friday night is OPEN PYRE NIGHT where we have an enormous pit of ember and flame and you can throw in anything you want because the pyre is open

also there was gonna be a booth where you get $50 and medical treatment if you can leave your hand on fire for a full minute

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It's Okay To Be Smart: A Heaping Plate of Turkey Day Science Stuff


It’s a little cliché to do the ___________ holiday science post, grasping at Matrix-level acrobatics to tie scientific principles to the celebration du jour (“The science of why bunnies hide eggs!” or “Reindeer: Could synthetic biology give them luminous red noses?”). Thanksgiving is actually a cornucopia full of brain food, though … so here’s some gravy for those neurons:

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